Chiropractic Care

We believe you deserve to express yourself at your ultimate potential. When your body is functioning at 100%, you have the innate ability to adapt to anything that occurs in your environment and you can continually maintain optimal health.

Let’s take a moment to outline the WHAT, WHY and HOW of chiropractic...and especially how this applies at DWC.

The WHAT...Chiropractic dates back to1895 where the founder, Dr. Daniel David Palmer, discovered that, by specifically addressing spinal dysfunction to influence nervous system function, restoration of health was achieved.  Over the past 117 years, the application of chiropractic has evolved to provide the public with an extensive variety of safe and effective techniques.  The current clinical evidence shows that chiropractors are trusted by the public, are safe, and are cost effective.

The WHY...Chiropractic is based on the natural law of homeostasis (balance), which simply states that a living organism (you) has an innate organization / intelligence that causes it to always express it greatest potential for health and well-being.

[Put Simply:  You run, you get hot, your body will sweat to balance out your temperature so you don’t overcook! Another one:  You sprain your ankle, local inflammation will occur to bring balance and protect the area so healing can take place.]

This organization can be witnessed in the proper functioning of every cell, tissue, organ and system of the body.

The brain and nerve system controls and monitors the proper function (organization and expression) of the body via communication through the nerves.

A lack of health can result when the nervous system is impaired or damaged causing an interruption or breakdown to the communication pathways.

The practice of chiropractic addresses these areas of interruption so the body can work effectively, efficiently leading to optimum health with great brain and body connection.

The HOW...Chiropractic addresses the body through a specific and safe adjustment.  The adjustment addresses both the structure (posture, alignment) and function (nervous system) of the body and can be applied through a variety of techniques. There are specifically modified and designed techniques for people of all shapes and sizes...babies, kiddos, pregnant women, athletes adults and the elderly. There is something suitable for everyone!

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